F***ers Don't Swear In Titles

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Re: Swear In Titles

Post by QwarterZ »

he did it for the lulz

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Re: Swear In Titles

Post by - Mutual - »

haha how could you forget the password why didnt you just ask plex for it or get it emailed to you haha

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Re: Swear In Titles

Post by tracyk859 »

Thanks for the post.
Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.

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Re: Swear In Titles

Post by TheNobleOne »

i mean i see where you coming from man but sometimes it feels like there are too many rules on this site.

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Re: Fuckers Don't Swear In Titles

Post by Lawgix »

when this issue was last brought up... i will continue to monitor it and change what i see...
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Re: F***ers Don't Swear In Titles

Post by Slicka »

lol yal hommies crazy mayne......but i feel you on that....

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