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[WATCH] Netflix Releases Trailer For Dave Chappelle’s New Special (Video)

Remember (what seems like a hundred years ago) now when Dave Chappelle was the unsung King of Comedy? He had one of the best shows on television and seemed to have what many would consider to be a pretty perfect life. Then, TV happened – The producers of the show he was on wanted to bring in some new writers (and, let’s be real, toning things down would have happened real quick too) and he wasn’t having it. Next thing you know, he was gone (seriously, go look up the whole thing; it’s worth the read).

A few months ago, he resurfaced out of no where (some people say just in time). After showing everyone that he was still the brilliant, comedic genius that we all used to know and love on an episode of Saturday Night Live, Netflix announced that their platform would be hosting some specials featuring Chappelle in 2017.

At the time of the announcement, it was stated that they would be three separate specials – Two never seen, previously taped live shows (one filmed in Austin, TX and the other in Hollywood, CA) and an original Netflix event (title TBA) – but now it looks as though it might only be two.

Either way, one of the events officially has a release date, and it’s later this month!

You can catch the two-in-one event on Netflix in just a couple of weeks. As you can see, it looks as if Dave hasn’t lost his touch at all – The comedian is going to touch on ISIS, OJ (of course), and more during the special and his audience seems just as receptive as ever.

Will you be tuning into Netflix on March 20th or do you think that Mr. Chappelle’s time to shine has long ago come and gone? If you’re not a huge fan of his stand up, what about his upcoming original event; will you tune into that?


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