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[LISTEN] Meek Mill Previews New Mixtape Track On Instagram (New Music)

On February 8th, Meek Mill posted a video of himself up in a studio with some other folks while his new track, possibly titled Black Roses, plays in the background and everyone nods along . The track is rumored to be off of his upcoming album DC 4.5, which Mill said would be coming out “any day now” back in November.

It’s got a somber sound that has the rapper reflecting on his history of loss, and it’s clear that he pulled at least some of his inspiration for the track from the Trayvon Martin story. Listen below:

Bottom music "black roses"

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Here’s an excerpt:

“Skittles bouncing off the ground same time the blood drop/And they wondering why we killing, shit, I wish we would stop/How the judge gon’ judge me, when love don’t love me/My cell is getting cold and my future looking ugly/The mailman coming on the first, them kids hungry/Mommy on crack, daddy dead, them kids lonely”

Mr. Mill did state that he was going to stop rapping about violence back in July last year, so it’s good to see that he seems to be sticking to his word (at least so far).

How do you feel about Black Roses? Will you be forking out your green for DC 4.5?

The people want to know.


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