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Fabolous Drops A Hefty Sum On A New Smile (Pictures Inside)

Plenty of people can’t stand the teeth that they were born with. Generally, a few years of braces and a lifetime of retainer wearing fixes you right up, but it’s not that easy when you also have chipped teeth to deal with.

Fabolous fell into that latter category until recently, when he dropped $40, 000 on his grill just before fashion week. Turns out that his new smile was a belated birthday present for himself (the rapper recently turned 39). According to TMZ, he went to NY dentist Mojgan Fajiram and got ten sparkling new veneers put in at a whopping $4k a piece.

His jagged teeth have been brought up in his music before – If you recall, he said the following line on “Into You”:

“You love my smile, no matter how crooked my tooth is.”

During an interview with Angie Martinez in 2011 (which you can watch below), he mentioned that he was going to get his teeth fixed “soon”:

Apparently he and I have very different definitions of the word ‘soon’; six years later, here he is on IG with his sparkling new look.

me and my… in the back of the Bach… [shot by @justgerard]

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It looks as though he hasn’t quite figured out how to smile properly, but I guess once you consider that he’s spent the last four decades with a completely different set of teeth, it makes sense.

What do you think? Should Loso have kept his signature smile or do you think that the new veneers look better?

Would you drop that much cash on your mouth? If not, where do you think that the $40, 000 could be better spent?


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