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Lingo is synonymous with hip hop, catchphrases, and wordplay, its what keeps hip hop interesting, and is one of the main contributing reasons that has taken hip hop to the mainstream. Tag that along with fashion and you’re commercialized, branding, advertising, it all comes with the beast. Tens of millions of dollars of revenue goes into those words that stand out, to create hit songs, club anthems, and that recognizable motto that sticks out. We’ve found some shirts that you might like, or are even sayings that you use on your day to day.

Racks on Racks! You guys know what we are talking about.

All I Do Is Win! DJ Khaleds hit single from his album Victory in 2009. We think that it caught on.

Jay Z – Never Change. Need I say More?

Not Positive on this one, but probably from South Central Cartels Debut album in 1997.

Think this is another Jay Z one, or at least that’s what comes to mind. “Got Me Illin right” comes to mind.

Fabolous made this one big, off his third album, Real Talk.

Been doing this since day one. Doing what? Doing everything.

Nas – Illmatic. If you don’t know…theres no hope for you.

He was an instant lynsation.

Bet the guy who came up with this one is some rich.

Hustle Hard, until none of them bricks left.

Where Hip Hop Started.

Monster Shirt

Swag the light blue.

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